Year 2012
Role animation and art direction
Team Suna Elbasi (panorama setup), Julius Peikert (filming), Constanze Dietrich (spatial planning)
Music by EFSS – "Ouddorp VII"
How about an elevator trip above the clouds of Berlin? 
Space Trips is a panorama art work that shows an elevator trip from earth into space. It starts with the city scenery of Berlin that flies the sky and dynamically transfers the viewer above the clouds. The atmospheric music that accompanies the installation via headphones immerses the viewer into a virtual world of weightlessness. 
The 4 minute long audio-visual animation is back projected onto the 1.5m diameter panorama where 2 guests can enter. Thanks to the narrow circular space and auditive isolation via headphones the installation creates a hermetic environment to suggest the viewer a strong sense of motion to create a physically and visually immersive experience.

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