Client National Maritime Museum Greenwich 
Year 2018
Role Creative Lead / Art Direction 
Commissioned by Squintopera
Video & Image credits Squintopera
As a Creative Lead I worked alongside with Squintopera’s team, exhibition design company Casson Mann and the Royal Museums Greenwich to develop 5 installations for the National Maritime Museum’s new ‘Endeavour Galleries’. 
The proposal included three interactive tables, a 22 screen synchronised installation, a Pepper’s Ghost of a 17th century shipyard & 3 large projections. Working with a small team I shaped the vision of the project, storyboarding ideas and producing animatics to effectively communicate these ideas to the client. In addition to design duties I was integral to ensuring project timelines and supervising the team.
The Tudor and Stuart's room tells the visitor about the history of the sea that shaped today's Britain on 3 interactive projection mapped tables. Physical props change their appearance while the visitor can navigate through different histories of Britain connected with the sea. Going further into the room people can discover a magical Pepper's Ghost installation showing the workers and their hierarchy involved at the work of the dockyard in the 17th century.
Large video projections, like Polar Worlds or the Pacific Wave decorate the entrance area of the gallery rooms to start the journey into an icy environment. 
The British Seashore presents the visitor with a huge 22 HD screen setup that decorates the room with a beautiful sea tide animation that brings flora and fauna alive in different depth of sea levels. 
Throughout all the galleries, water is a visual constant, that carries and interprets stories and messages.
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