Year 2016
Role Creative lead / Art direction, animation and filming
Team Elliott Burns (project consulting), Mariam Abdurahman (graphic design), Sam Toller (voice acting), Marianna Poppitz (script assistance), Kontraer klang (sound design), Takafumi Tsukamoto (digital 3D model), Fiona Chang (spatial model), Deniz Güzel (photos)
Mixed or non-mixed, I don’t really understand what you’re talking about.
MIXEDNESS is a personal project that is a narrative media space with 3 audio-visual installations articulating and reflecting back the experiences of and about mixed-race people in London. My approach to this project was to do a human-centered research of groups and individuals, to learn how mixed-race people are perceived in London – one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world.
The experience of this exhibition not only introduces mixed-race identities, but prompts the visitor to reflect on the perception of them as well. The first installation juxtaposes opinions and comments on the topic of mixed race and merges all onto one wall that makes the text appear and disappear. The seconds installations gives the mixed-race people a voice and shows portraits and thoughts of them edited in an artistic way. The third and final installation is interactive and participatory. The audio plays a conversation of two people talking about Mixedness with a double-layered projection that hides and reveals expression and thoughts of people.
My aim was to have an inclusive interpretation of this sensitive topic, that creates a tangible platform to offer insights into the complexity of mixed-race perceptions to start a dialogue and reflection about how race constructs identities.
04.2016 Central Saint Martins, London, UK
09.2016 OXO Tower, LondonDesignWeek 2016
09.2016 Seen Fifteen Gallery, ArtLicks Weekend Festival, London, UK
Recognition and Exhibitions
> MullenLowe NOVA Award Nominee 2016
> Media exhibition at Gallery SeenFifteen as part of the Art Licks Weekend London, UK
> Exhibition at OXO Tower by DesignersBlock as part of the London Design Week 2016

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