Hallo, hi and konnichiwa!
During my B.A. Motion Design studies in Berlin at the University of Applied Science Europe, I encountered ‘space’ by creating a small panoramic installation Spacetrips
That moment I broke out of the rectangular frame of the screen and it fundamentally influenced and shaped my way to work with moving images. 
The following years, I gathered practical experience in different projects with media content in spatial environments like exhibitions, working on Haus der Berge, or scenography and installation with a theatre ensemble in Berlin and events like Instruments creating projection mapping onto a huge building. 
To learn about the concept of linking narrative and space, I undertook my M.A. in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins, London. I started to work more in the creative field of the museum industry working with companies like Ralph Appelbaum Associates London and Duncan McCauley for exhibition media planning. I was part of the team for cultural projects like Exile for the National Trust and recently finished creative direction of 5 media installations of the Endeavour Galleries together with creative agency Squintopera. 
My work ranges from creative direction and art direction, developing pre-visualisations for media environments and video editing, 2D-animation and projection mapping, video direction, compositing and some technical knowledge. 

As a freelancer I enjoy working collaboratively in creative studios, as well as part of an independent multi-disciplinary team or self-directed artistic projects.
My work has been shown in London, Germany, Tokyo and Sydney.

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