Hallo, hi and konnichiwa!

During my BA Motion Design studies at the Berlin University of Art and Design,
I focussed my practise on the creation of panoramic installations that fundamentally influenced and motivated me to continually challenge my practice and academic path in how to visually communicate narratives. 

The following years, I gathered practical experience in different projects on media environments with working for museum exhibitions, theatre scenography, artistic installations and projection mapping.
My MA in Narrative Environments Central Saint Martins London, further deepened the research and concept creation of narrative content and space. Since then I have engaged into creative opportunities to expand my field more moving into art direction. 
As a freelancer I enjoy working collaboratively in creative studios, as well as part of an independent multi-disciplinary team or self-directed artistic projects.
In my personal artwork expression I am keen to challenge conventional perspectives and confront the viewer with diverse visually communicated narratives.

My work has been shown in London, Germany, Tokyo and Sydney.

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