Coming from a motion design background with education and strong interest in film theory, storytelling, visual perception and phenomenology, I explore and develop audio-visual media to create engaging experiences in spatial contexts. 
​Through past project experiences and collaborations I acquired a variety of specific skillsets and types of workflow, that I apply to my projects:

My scope involves digital media planning, visual and content research, conception and the development of visual content to help shaping the vision of projects. 
I oversees the planning and production of media installations on small scale projects or work closely with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the creative vision accurately responds to the client’s brief. 
Communication tools like storyboards, wireframes and animatics give insight into how the end product will look and feel. In addition to my design duties I scopes multi-media technical knowledge of media for collaborations with external technical subcontractors.
I truly enjoy and value the process of collaboration with creative people from different backgrounds starting from an early stage. Taking influence and inspiration from each other I believe it can bring the quality of the project to a new level.
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