Coming from a motion design background with education and strong interest in visual narrative, film theory and story telling, I explore and develop audio-visual media to create engaging experiences in spatial contexts like museum, exhibition, events, scenography or retail space.
The power of audio-visual narrative and physical spatial design bears huge potential to move the audience. Whether it is content to communicate historical/cultural content, or a client's message to bring awareness of certain topics or entertain the eye in a spectacular audio-visual performance — I am excited to explore further and apply my knowledge to create engaging experiences for the visitor. 
Through past project experiences and collaborations I acquired a variety of skillsets and types of workflow, that I apply to my projects. I truly enjoy and value the process of collaboration, merging different backgrounds from an early stage, and the multidisciplinary work that inspires each other. This way creatives can bring the quality of the project to a new level.
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