Year 2013
Role animation and art direction
​​​​​​​Commissioned by Tamschick Media + Space
The permanent exhibition of Haus der Berge, at the national park centre in Berchtesgaden offers the visitor a media experience of changing seasons every 3 minutes. I was contracted to create large scale projections of seasonal changes of a sycamore maple tree and the infamous Königssee in Berchtesgaden nature reservoir in South Germany. 
For the sycamore maple tree animation I worked closely together with the Creative Director to create a naturalistic authentic look of a tree that complements the beautiful exhibition design. Leaves of the animated tree are set with an expression algorithms in After Effects to create a convincing movement of growing buds on tree branches or the falling leaves in autumn. 
The projected lake video scenery is a compositing work of looking up from underwater (as projected onto the ceiling of the room) watching the four seasons cycle. This creates an immersive experience through interpreting the lake from a new visual perspective. 

The four seasons, each appearing in 3-minute intervals, are atmospherically staged with light and film and supported by nature sounds characteristic of the Alpine environment. Appealing the diversity and beauty of the overwhelming nature of Berchtesgaden it invites the visitor to go outside to explore.

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