Year 2012-2014
Role motion graphics, visual direction, videography
Team Dirk Cieslak (direction), Annett Hardegen (producer), Ren Saibara (performer), Marcus Reinhardt, Mariel Jana Supka (actors), Lena Mody (set design)
Commissioned by Vierte Welt
Vierte Welt is a political and philosophical independent theatre ensemble funded by the Berlin authorities.
I collaborated on a variety of projects with them creating audio-visual stage elements, short videos, documentation and a research based 30-minute documentary. I appreciate their free creative approach that is reactive and dynamic to input given from all sorts of backgrounds from writers, to actors, illustrators and theorists, digital and sound artists. Our collaboration was very open and fluid, which I embraced by adapting a flexible more experimental process of linear produced video artwork. We worked with many instant ideas and happy accidents.
Our projects reflect upon societal issues of isolation, terror in form of uprising, the Fukushima nuclear accident, Japanese and German perception of suicide and Berlin's politically debated housing system in East Berlin. 
Below you are seeing a selection of different projects I was involved in. 

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