Year 2012-2013
Role Creative direction and Art direction
Team Suna Elbasi (panorama setup)
Sounddesign / Music by Karsten Schuhl
Coexistence is an audio-visual media panorama that broaches the issue of the catastrophic events surrounding Fukushima and makes the viewer experience my interpretation of the inconsistent sentiments and feelings arising from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.
The animation shows the peaceful cityscape of Tokyo which gets interrupted suddenly by the earthquake. The city is unsettled and this means change – people don’t know what to do and doubt about the situation.  
The reason why I set this work up into panorama is very significant: placing yourself into the center of the happening your eyes can’t escape the 360º environment, as well as how you can not escape an earthquake. Also multiple people can experience this animation together so people can have eye contact with each other during narrative clues and pauses during the experience. My aim was not to recreate the earthquake but to create an immersive experience room of emotions and responses. 
Recognition and Festivals
> California Academy of Sciences Award 2013
> Koordinaten Festival of Spatial Media Kiel, Germany
> 26. European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck 2013, Germany

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