Year 2012-2013
Role Creative direction and Art direction
Team Suna Elbasi (panorama setup)
Sounddesign / Music by Karsten Schuhl
'Coexistence' is an audio-visual media panorama that broaches the issue of the catastrophic events surrounding Fukushima and makes the viewer experience the inconsistent sentiments and feelings I felt arising from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.
The animation shows how peaceful cityscapes and night flights above the beautiful Tokyo night scene is interrupted by the earthquake changing the city into a back and forth between normal life and anxiety. 
Placing the viewer into a panorama and center of it, emphasises the condition I experienced when I was surround by high waving electronic poles when the earthquake hit Japan. Furthermore the medium of the panorama that is surrounding the viewer, symbolises the inescapable invisible radiation and earthquake 
I placed great value on being a non-VR but collective immersive experience to convey the density of space and being able to read your neighbouring person's expression.
Recognition and Festivals
> California Academy of Sciences Award 2013
> Koordinaten Festival of Spatial Media Kiel, Germany
> 26. European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck 2013, Germany

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