Client La Villa Vauban – Musée d'Art de la Vile de Luxembourg 
in cooperation with le Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg
Year 2014
Role animation 
Team Daniel Wangen (creative direction), Alain Richard (matte painting)
Instruments is a one evening event of projection mapping with a live orchestra. During the time of a month of intensive work, we created an audio-visual experience of large scale on a summer night in 2014 on the lawn in front of the museum building Villa Vauban. 
The projected animation narrates a story about a desperate artist who overcomes his lethargy, eventually acquiring power and creativity to change the building into a giant machine. The final image releases a beautiful blue underwater scenery. Accompanied by a live orchestra, our aim was to create a fictional illusional world that interprets the classical music piece of Shostakovich.

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