Client Science Museum London
Year 2017
Commisioned by Squintopera
Role art direction and animation
Team Ilmi Perez (animation)
Photo Credits Squintopera​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I was commissioned by Squintopera as an art director to create animations for the Robots Exhibitions at the Science Museum London. The creative vision was to create a background animation for the gallery where robot models were exhibited that show a world of the not-too-far-away-future inhabited by robots and humans. 
Following Squint's creative direction, we produced 3 animated videos of 20 minutes length. They show daily life situations where humans encounter robots that result in positive and negative experiences.
“Time” is distorted and interpreted as an element that merges present environment and imagination. Characters are placed across a simulated 3D scene to pan through the scenes while the story narrates slowly. It gives a surreal and either positive or sightly dystopian vision of the future in hope to evoke interesting thoughts to the viewer. 
The exhibition was on from 8 February – 3 September 2017.

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